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To submit a guest post, email peidi at with “Guest Post Submission” as the subject and your post as the body. Feel free to provide a one sentence bio and links to your LinkedIn or anything else you would like to promote. There is a review process to ensure quality; we will try to review it promptly.

What topics can I write about? is all about self improvement and the pursuit of knowledge. So you don’t necessarily need to write about machine learning.

If you are the most knowledgeable person in the world on a niche topic, we would love for you to share you understanding of the topic with the community. Or, if you hold records in any hobby or activity, we would love to hear about your journey.

Some suggestions on article quality

Hiring an editor is highly recommended. See it as an investment to improve your writing — and clear thinking — abilities. It will be far more worth it than any writing class you can take.

Longer articles are preferred, but this absolutely does not mean being repetitive. The reason longer articles are preferred is because people who are extremely knowledgeable about a topic tends to write the best articles and also tends to have the most to say.

Who owns the article?

You own the article, but give us permission to host it on our website for at least one year, after which, you can request to host the article somewhere else. In exchange, we will help you promote it.

Google penalizes the same content hosted on multiple sites, so if you would like the article to receive more exposure, please link to the article instead of copy and pasting it.